Bottle Size:

60 Tablets


Make Your Pet NuviFlex Happy!

NuviFlex™ is an all-natural nutritional supplement for pets that actively supports healthy joints and cartilage for your dog or cat.

Whether your pet is young or old, joint health is vital to the happiness and well being of your pet. Taking care of your best friend will ensure that they can continue to take care of you the way they always have.

NuviFlex™ is the simple way to help ensure that your pet's joints stay healthy and strong through the course of their whole lives. Six active ingredients (five ingredients for the cat hip and joint formula) work synergistically to support joint health, increase joint strength and viscosity, and protect joint cartilage from damage and wear. We use only the highest quality 100% human-grade ingredients.

NuviFlex™ is manufactured in the USA at our cGMP and FDA registered facility.


Made in USA