NuviFlex™ is a unique, premium nutritional supplement for dogs and cats designed to support healthy joints in dogs and cats.


NuviFlex ™ is safe for use with both dogs and cats and has no known side effects.


Six active ingredients (five ingredients for the cat and small dog hip and joint formula) work together to ensure lasting health in your animal's hips and joints. We use only high-quality 100% human-grade ingredients. It would require at least two or three competing pet supplements to get this winning combination of joint-strengthening nutrients, making NuviFlex uniquely cost-effective.

*Cetyl Myristoleate Fatty Acid Complex: This powerful, unique, and natural ingredient has been shown to support joint mobility, function, and health.

*Glucosamine HCL: This cartilage precursor support the formation of cartilage in the joints.

*Omega 3 Fatty Acids: These fatty acids encourage our bodies (and those of your pets) to create body chemicals that prevent inflammation in the veins, cartilage, and other tissues. It has also been highly correlated with the prevention of bone loss.

*Chondroitin:  This supplement has become well known for its benefits for both humans and animals in maintaining elasticity and flexibility in joint cartilage. This chemical is produced naturally and is normally extracted from the cartilage of cows and sharks.

*Hyaluronic Acid: this is a naturally occurring viscous substance found in the connective tissues and the synovial fluid of joints that both protects and cements the joints. It increases the viscosity of joint fluid, which lubricates and cushions the joints from shock and load bearing. Some have suggested that cartilage cells also benefit from its supplementation.

*MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane): This is an organically-produced sulfur that helps strengthen cell walls and promotes cartilage regeneration. *Manganese Ascorbate: essential in optimizing your body's ability to produce cartilage components.

Pets Love It!

NuviFlex ™ is flavored with great-tasting beef for dogs, and chicken and tuna for cats and small dogs. Pets eat it up readily. MSM has been known to be unpalatable to pets, prohibiting its use in competing products. The generous amounts of all-natural meat flavoring in NuviFlex helps to cover the MSM taste, making NuviFlex tasty and easy to administer.

Worried your pet won't take it?

NuviFlex ™ is chewable and flavored with prime beef for dogs (May also be crushed and mixed with pet food.), and chicken and tuna for cats and small dogs. Your pet will take it without hesitation. It couldn't be easier to administer.

Explore our site to learn more about NuviFlex ™ : how it works and what it can do to keep your furry friend healthy and strong.


Many of these elements are naturally produced by your animal's body, which NuviFlex ™ helps to maintain and replenish where necessary. Other ingredients, like Cetyl Myrisoleate, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, aren't provided by your pet's body, but have clear benefits in supporting healthy joints.

NuviFlex ™ has real, lasting benefits not just for aging pets suffering from poor joint health, but also for young, active animals. Prevention is key to life-long wellness both for you and your pets. Regular supplements for joint health like NuviFlex ™ may help prevent painful, expensive shots and procedures common as your pets get older. Ensure that your best friend can stay comfortable and active as they age. 

But prevention is only the beginning. NuviFlex ™ can bring your pet

*Better flexibility 
*Stronger cartilage 
*Higher joint function 
*Greater mobility


What are the benefits to you?

*NuviFlex ™ is several supplements in one, saving you money 
*A 100% satisfaction guarantee seal on every label backed with a money-back guarantee 
*An active, happy life for your best friend 

NuviFlex ™ is developed and manufactured entirely in the United States at our cGMP and FDA registered facility.

The Discovery of Cetyl Myristoleate

Research Chemist, Dr. Harry Diehl, was the first to discover Cetyl Myristoleate and it's surprising benefits in joint health. In the course of his research with the National Institute of Health (NIH) he ran across an unusual family of Swiss albino mice. What he found so interesting about them was their high resistance to joint stress. Dr. Diehl suffered from chronic arthritis, and was highly motivated to find a cure or a treatment that might help. Theorizing that these mice had a special genetic trait, his research revealed that they possessed an unusual natural ability to produce Cetyl Myristoleate. This powerful fatty acid naturally soothes joint pain and prevents inflammation, and is not naturally produced by most animals (including dogs and cats).

He found a way to synthesize this compound and injected non-albino mice with it. The results revealed that the effect of Cetyl Myristoleate was identical in the non-albino mice, strengthening, healing, and protecting joints.

In 2006, Sinead Imbaro of Olympus Brands set out to create a product to improve joint health both in people and their dog and cat companions. She determined to build on Dr. Diehl's groundbreaking work with Cetyl Myristoleate. At long last her company developed a new and better way to support joint health and function for pets through superior nutritional supplements. Cetyl Myristoleate remains a vital ingredient to NuviFlex ™ pet supplements.

Today, your dog and cat companions can enjoy the benefits of this unique compound combined with other beneficial body chemicals in one palatable supplement; NuviFlex ™.

Did you know?

Dr. Harry Diehl isolated more than five hundred compounds for the first time, including Cetyl Myristoleate. He also discovered a method for synthesizing a unique sugar form vital to the preparation of Dr. Jonas Salk's oral vaccine for polio.


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