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Joint Pain Relief
We had tried other products for our yellow lab and with in 2 weeks of taking Nuviflex our lab had stopped limping and no longer seemed to have joint stiffness. I would recommend this product to all large dog breeds for joint relief and maintenance.
Shari Lewis
Great For Your Pet!
My dog has been taking this for over a year and it has really helped his joint discomfort.
It's easy to give and he likes it!

Judy Flanagan

Old Lab
I have an old Lab that couldnt walk up the stairs, go down the stairs, slept all day, would do practically nothing. I figured the poor guy needed some help with his joints, (took him to the Vet and the Vet really didnt say much) so, I did some research and found this product. Well, I can not tell you how much my dog has changed, he is outside more and even on the deck hanging out, laying down more outside and he is evne walking up the stairs again. I had an old shephard that I lost a couple of years back and was giving her Restoraflex, it didnt even compare to this. This is only in a little over a week. Results were really fast. I ordered more and will be giving him this everyday. :)
Linda Gullotto
Rosie, a 12 year-old Australian Sheppard benefits greatly from this product - eases her joint pain and helps her mobility.

My dog was lame for a year and a half. I had him on Glucosomine, Chondroitin, MSM. No improvement. About a week after starting him on Olympus NuviFex, he was sound! I wondered if it was a fluke until I recommended it to a friend who has an older, arthritic dog. She also had excellent results. I wondered if I could take it myself so I had a veterinary friend research it. He says there's a form for humans. The # ingredient in NuviFlex seems to be the ticket. I look forward to trying it myself!
Katherine, Thermal, CA
Recommend To Everyone
My German Shepard was not able to walk. after a week of the NuviFlex he was up again. I recommend this to anyone who has an older dog. It helps them and hopefully will keep them from needing the harsh pain killers.

Debby, Deltona, FL
I want to thank you again for suggesting to us NuviFlex for our 9 year old bulldog. Tonka was having trouble walking stiff legged and not jumping up on to the bed. After 2 months on NuviFlex, Tonka is a new dog, running and jumping, and enjoys her daily walks. NuviFlex gave her more enjoyable years ahead.  
Debi, St. Petersurg, FL 

In April 2010 I was first introduced to your Company. Pebbles was limping and as nothing else was working I decided to give NuviFlex a try.

We have been telling everyone about your product as it has done so much for our soon to be 16yr. old Mixed Lab (Oct. 5, 2011). Pebbles has had numerous operations, the last was to remove 2 Cancerous Tumors. Pebbles has now been on Nuviflex for over a year & doing Fabulous!! Vet Bills are reduced to annual visits.
Pebbles is now a Pet Therapy Dog on a monthly basis at the VA Community Living Center & Emeritus Assisted Living Center. This has been good for her as well as the residents.
Update on Pebbles... January 10, 2012
Pebbles is still going strong & gets her physical on the 16th of Jan.  Will let you know how that works out. 
She goes for daily walks & still thinks she is young enough to chase all the critters along the way. Pebbles continues Volunteering 2x a month along with her baby min pin (Angel) who will be 5yrs. next month. 
The couch is one of her favorite napping spots which she takes a flying leap & jumps. It's amazing to watch her. One of her favorite things to do is going shopping at Pet stores.  Pebbles is becoming a Diva & likes to ride in the basket with Angel!  I've enclosed some of her Birthday Pix/ volunteer visits/shopping trip. Thought you might enjoy seeing them.
Update on Pebbles... June 8, 2012
It's  hard for me to believe it's just 4 mos. till Pebbles will have her 17th Birthday! !
Pebbles takes her afternoon naps when not working as a volunteer 2x a month....then when the sun goes down she wants to go for a walk. Lately she as been going in the morning & eve. when it's cooler. If we open the car door she will go & get in by herself.  She loves to go for car rides with the window down so she can take in all the great smells in the air.
I don't like to let Pebbles sleep too much....Lately we have been down sizing & cleaning out the garage...she just loves it out there.....this has given her more areas to explore. In the back yard she goes around the fence and looks for critters. She found an armadillo
had babies on the other side of our fence....All of This really keeps her busy & her mind occupied. I believe the activity along with your product is what has kept her going.
Thanks again for all you do for our furry friends.
Sue, Orlando, FL
Luxating Patella
We used nuviflex on my lab mix with luxating patella and has totally cured her. Now I noticed my other pooch screams if we move his back legs into a certain position. Like when we clean his paws before he comes in. I think he needs it too... must be for his hips =( he is so young tho, only like 2 years old. 
Aubrey Laughrey, Orlando, FL
I have had Joey on this NuviFlex product for about 6 months now and I am still amazed on how much better he is now!  He couldn't get in the truck, couch or the bed anymore but within less than 2 weeks he was jumping everywhere again!  This stuff does work, try it for your dog if they need help.
Lovemyblacklab, Lake Monroe, FL
Jasper(11 year old Boxer) has had severe arthritis for about 5 years now.  I had tried everything for him, and I had to resolve to give him some Deramaxx to get him through the day.  He was on Glucosamine/Chondroitin plus Deramaxx but he was still getting worse.  One of my friends told me about NuviFlex and I decided to try it(I didn't have much to lose at this point). Within 2 weeks I started to see Jasper being more active, and getting up easier.  By week 4 he was doing so much better that I reduced the amount of Deramaxx in half and was still doing great. Jasper has been on NuviFlex for about 4 months now and he is no longer on Deramaxx and he is doing great!
I would highly recommend trying it!  I don't know what is different about this product but it works better than anything else I have ever tried!
Julie, Jacksonville. FL 
Chance, my 14 yr Old English Sheepdog, was always having trouble getting up after lying down.  Now he's up easily.  It's only been a couple of weeks, but he got up on the couch again.  He hasn't done that in 6 months.  I'm so happy with the results.  And so is Chance.
Jean, Destin, FL
Therapy Dog 
Does your Dog have Arthritis and Joint Pain symptoms? - NuviFlex Fan Page
She did. (7 year old, 83 pound Golden Retriever), NuviFlex for the last year has kept her comfortable, happy and busy in her work as a Therapy Dog.
Judy, Charlotte MI (Facebook Fan)
I put my 11 year old lab "Misty' on NuviFlex.  I had her on another Joint supplement for years, but I am really impressed with the results of NuviFlex.  It contains more ingredients and in higher amounts than my previous supplement at around the same price.  It is very easy to administer.  I just put a tablet in her food bowl every morning and she eats it.  I am sold!  My other dog keeps trying to steal Misty's pill every day.  She can't wait until she gets her NuviFlex too.
Denise, West Haven, UT
Great Product
I've been using this product for over a year.  It has made a huge difference for our 11 year old lab and it's great to see him moving around and enjoying life again.  I don't have any issues with him eating it.
Plenty on "Paw"
I am stocking up on NuviFlex so please give me bottles with the longest expiration dates so they will last until I can use them up.  It has made a noticeable improvement in our cat so we want to make sure we have plenty on "paw".  We had been buying it primarliy to strengthen her tendons and ligaments, which had broken down from long-term use of prednisone.  However, we think the MSM may also be helping to block food allergies that may be causing her inflammatory bowel disease and the cetyl myristloeate, being an omega 5 fatty acid, may also be having an anti-inflammatory effect that is also helpful for her inflammatory bowel disease.  She has been eating noticeably better!  We hope you keep making this wonderful product!
Lori, Middletown, CT
NuviFlex Forever,
My two year old American Bulldog was not using one of her rear legs.  Our vet said she was on the verge of a torn ACL and his only suggestion was surgery. A friend recommended getting her on a hip and joint formula, doing surgery as a last resort.  Jeffers pet, where I buy most of our dog supplies, was having a special on NuviFlex.  I thought I would give it a try.  Two days after I started her on NuviFlex, she was back to normal.  Has been for the last three months of being on NuviFlex.  When she plays hard, you can see a slight limp, but she is no longer walking around three-legged.  Great product!  She will be on NuviFlex forever.
Camby, Facebook Fan
We got this supplement for our dog Rusty, who we found running down the median of a very busy highway in August 2009.  He's always limped after any exercise but otherwise he's perfectly healthy.  We suspect he was hit by a car, because he can't be more than 5 years old.  With the NuviFlex he can run around and play as much as he likes ( he's very active) without feeling sore or stiff later.  I would highly recommend this.
Jamie, Hudson FL
Best Ever
This is the best arthritis medicine I've found anywhere.  Both of my Labs are seniors and the oldest had crippling joint pain.  I've tried other medications which helped and when this was on sale here I tried it.  My oldest dog can now run ahead of me on our 2 mile walks where before he stopped constantly to rest.  This stuff really makes a difference!
Glory, Crescent City, FL
I have a 5 year old Silky Terrier named Scrunchy, he is a pound puppy, and full of energy.  About a year ago, on a play date with his friend Henry, he injured his knee.  After several months of restricted movement, he seemed to be fine, and then injured the other one on his way out of the car one afternoon.  My Vet said that this time it seemed like the cartilage was torn, and would probably require surgery.  After hours of extensive research on the pros and cons of surgery,  I decided to try a more holistic approach with supplements, NuviFlex to be specific.  After a few months, my Vet re-examined my little guy, and said it was amazing.  His knee had improved dramatically, and advised against surgery.  She also said she had just come back from a conference where more doctors were moving away from surgery and toward supplements.  Thanks NuviFlex, for helping my best friend get well.  He is improving daily, and just had his first play date in over a year!
Loretta, Key West, FL
I am very grateful for your excellent product.  It has helped my 10 year old, very assertive dog heal from his adventures in the wild world!  He had had surgery on his knee but nothing could keep him from further injuring it, unfortunately.  But your Glucosamine etc. mixture NuviFlex supplement have helped him heal and regain so much mobility...it was truly a miracle.
Thank you.
SBK, Northern New Mexico
The Dog Bar
A Dog Bar favorite - My 17 year old cat gets NuviFlex with every meal.  We ran out at one point and within a week I began to notice him hesitating before jumping off the bed (a clear sign that his arthritis was bothering him).  I immediately bought another bottle and within a few days he was back to normal.  This stuff has really worked out great for him!
Mathew, Miami Beach, FL
This supplement has really helped my 1 year old Boxer who has Hip Dysplasia.  Before she started taking NuviFlex, her legs popped out of her hip socket frequently.  After just a couple of months the occurrences decreased, and now 6 months later we haven't had her leg pop out in months! I would highly recommend!
Lesley, Odenville, AL
Our 14 year old Dalmation had reached the point where we had to lift up her hind legs from a lying down position.  Within 10 days of taking NuviFlex, she was able to stand up on her own.  After about three weeks, she was able to climb up on the couch again!  This product has given her a new lease on life.  NuviFlex is amazing.
Shelley, Winter Park, FL
I began this product three months ago and have been faithful in giving the right amount every day, and the difference in "Ditch" is remarkable. She has a hip problem that will never be 100% better but this product has made it possible for her to feel good and enjoy life again.  I do wish the tablets were smaller as I do need to smash them before adding to her food she is a fussy eater but it is worth it to see the help they give her!!!!
Pam, Rackerby, CA
Our 4 year old Sheltie has some arthritis in her front leg, and we decided to give NuviFlex a try to remedy her occasional limping when it flares up on her, especially on cold mornings.  After being on NuviFlex for a few weeks she has not limped at all, and she loves "taking her vitamin" each day with us, and gobbles it right up!  No more having to hide bad tasting pills in treats to get her to eat them!  We will continue to use these with her and our other Sheltie as a healthy supplement!
Mark, Bangor, PA
Agility Dogs
For 14 Years I was a licensed Animal Technician and Kennel Manager at a Veterinary College for a colony of dogs involved in research ofOsteoarthritis/Canine Hip Displasia. Throughout the years various drug therapies were tested for several large pharmaceutical companies. As the person who provided daily care and interaction with the dogs as I would my own pet dogs I can say that I did not really see much benefit to the dogs.
It was also a time when the use of supplements for joint therapy in dogs was just beginning to become popular with dog owners and Veterinarians.  I tried Glucosamine/Chrondroitin compounds on my own pet dogs and did see mild improvements in their physical conditions but nothing astounding after long-term use.
Currently, I am a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant as well as an owner of two Austrailian Shepherds.  My dogs are highly active and energetic so we are constantly on the go and we do daily long walks, agility, and frisbee or ball games.  Often after a nap, the dogs would get up with very obvious lameness and limping.  Usually this would disappear once they walked around a bit.  However, my older dog recently developed a chronic severe limp from his shoulder and it was not going away this time.  He also started having difficulty climbing stairs.  My younger dog would still limp after lots of exercise and would be slow getting up.  My Vet suggested I put them on a Glucosamine Supplement. So I researched everything available out there for pet owners.  I was impressed by what I read about NuviFlex and did further research on Cetyl-MyristoleateWhat I found was very impressive.  The combination of ingredients, and the dosage of each, in NuviFlex was my ideal choice based on my previous involvment in Canine Joint Disease Research and my other training and experience in Animal Health.  So I bought some for my dogs.
I was fully expecting that it would be about a month before I could possibly see any sort of "improvement" to my dog's health.  On day 5 it dawned on me that I hadn't seen either dog limp walk tender-footed for a least a day.  I thought it was just wishful thinking!  But then I started paying closer attention, specifically at times they always showed signs of joint problems, and I realized they really were showing signs of improvement!  It's been a little over two weeks now and other than a glimpse of a little limp in my older dog (and not all the time) I have not seen either dog show signs of discomfort anymore.  Each of them get up much quicker and neither limp upon first arising from a nap.  The older dog climbs the stairs slowly but steadily instead of stopping to pause every step and he no longer looks mentally stressed at navigating stairs.
NuviFlex seems to have no side effects and that is very important to me for my dogs.  The risk of using prescription medications and worrying about side effects such as internal bleeding is scary.

I am convinced that the NuviFlex has helped my dogs.  I have started to spread the word to friends, clients and Veterinarians.  If the quality of life can be improved for the dogs who give up so much love and happiness how can we not be willing to try it for them?
Laura, Newfield, NY
I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of NuviFlex from a friend of mine, can't thank her enough!  My girlfriend's dog is a 12 year old Sheltie, who was hit by a car when he was a puppy.  He's getting a little stiff now, especially where the old injury is concerned.  When we started him on NuviFlex; the results were dramatic and quicker than I was told to expect, I had never seen Leo strut before!  His mobility is very noticable - we are on our second bottle and we wll continue to use this product!  Could not be happier and highly recommend this product!!
Louis, Key West, FL
I wanted to thank you for your help with Chelan.  Chelan is 17 years old and I started her on Cetyl M in 2005 and she did great up until 2008.  I started noticing her hunching and having trouble with her hind legs.  It was then I saw your advertising on RFD TV and immediately called to order.  Within one week we saw a noticable improvement!  Chelan has been taking NuviFlex ever since.  Although we started her with 3 a day, she is now taking 5 a day and doing great as you can see.  I have had Chelan(which is a Salish word meaning Deep Waters) my friend ever since she a pup of 5 weeks old and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful product.  Keep up the great work :)
Bobbi, Lebanon, TN
This product has changed the life of my Dachshund.  Missy is only 4 years old and has already experienced an episode of paralysis in her back legs. The vet took X-RAYS and diagnosed her with Intervertebral Disc Disease, Cervical.  The possibility of surgery was great.  I started her right away on the NuviFlex Hip and Joint Formula for Cats and Small Dogs.  Two capsules in the AM and 1 in the PM.  Within a few weeks she was more active and now 3 months later she is like a pup again.  She is back to chasing lizards and doing her tricks for her treats.  I believe Missy recovered so quickly because of the NuviFlex product.  I am so thankful for Sinead and all that she does for our pets.
Kelsie, Homestead, FL
It has only been a few weeks and the difference in my dear buddy Titan is fantastic.  I was so close to having him put down when I began NuviFlex but within just a couple of days I saw a difference in his mobility.  Now after a few weeks he is just like his old Lab self, full of life and full of wiggles when someone approaches.  It has made his quality of life fun again and he is back to enjoying his swims and walks and he does the stairs without any difficulty.
I would strongly recommend anyone using NuviFlex after seeing this myself.  What a joy to have my best friend back full of life and happy again.  Thank you so much for giving me back my best friend.
Patricia, Saint John, N.B. Canada
I am writing this letter in regards to the NuviFlex Hip and Joint Formula we received for our dog.  I just wanted to say that it does work very well.  He could hardly stand on our kitchen floor before without falling.  Now he can walk on it without falling all the time.  He's doing "much better" now.   This product works very well on our dog! And we have recommended it to others.  Thank you for helping our Dog!
John, Harvard, IL
I purchased NuviFlex from Jeffers after speaking with your sales manager at Global Pet Expo. What amazing stuff! Zuko, my Bichon Frise, is 13 years old and has hip and back issues.  That's why I bought it.  But the side benefit the sales manager mentioned was improving the immune system and helping with allergies. Zuko has been plagued with hot spots and oily seborrhea for many years.  After only 2 weeks, his groomer commented on how much better his skin was looking.  I am shocked at the improvement in his skin condition after only a month on NuviFlex!  The oily seborrhea is drying up, the hotspots have disappeared and his wart-like tumors are shrinking.  Not to mention, he is now comfortably back to his 3/4 mile walk after dinner.  I would highly recommend NuviFlex for customers whose dogs have allergy issues as well hip & joint problems.
Pam, Bradenton, FL
I have a dog that is on NuviFlex.  She has been on it for a month.  Just before it came she had a stroke.  I thought I wasn't going to use it.  But I had her on dog aspirin which I gave her in the morning.  At noon NuviFlex came in the mail.  I have been giving them to her every day.  She is walking without a limp and can wiggle her tail again. Not bad for 18 years old! We thank you.
Judy, Waterloo, IN
This product has done wonders for our dog Hendrix!
Jeremy, Rothesay,N.B. Canada
Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! As you know Bella is a 2 year old Yorkie who has already had surgery on her leg/hip.  She had become known as the 3- legged dog because she never puts her foot down.  I have had her on your supplement for less than 3 weeks and it's like she is a new puppy-running and going for long walks with "all feet down"...I am looking forward to Spring so I can actually take her to the field and let her run again.......as a young dog should!!!! As an added bonus her coat is so soft and smooth that the groomer asked me what I was using as shampoo on her.  So Thanks so much from myself and Bella- her quality of life is what a yound dog should have because of NuviFlex! Thanks Much! 
I have put Bella on 1/2 pill of now-took her to the field tonight and she ran "like the wind".....I was freezing however what a great feeling to see her be a puppy again.  Thanks so much!  I am going to keep her on the supplement for her lifetime as she really is a new "puppy".- Thanks
Brenda Lee & Bella, Saint John, N.B. Canada
I have been using NuviFlex for over 3 months now on my 13 year-old American Bull/Lab mix and she is feeling much better and is rejuvinated. Before she had a very hard time getting up from her lying down position and I thought she was very lazy.  I just thought it was old age. Thanks to this Joint Formula my dog is very active again. This product is great and I will definitely be using it for a long time to come.
Patrick, Winter Park, FL
Victor is a 13 year old German Shepherd that came to live with us 4 years ago.  He had been retired as a working dog when he was 9.  His Hip Dysplasia and Spondylosis was so bad he moved only from bed to bed.  My husband and I adopted him to rescue him from euthanasia and to provide him a comfortable home to retire to until he no longer had full enjoyment of life.  At the time we were told that would probably be only a very short amount of time.  He was put on pain medication and we watched carefully as his deterioration worsened.  We kept wondering if "now is the time".  Last year we were introduced to NuviFlex  and was asked if we would like Victor to try the Hip and Joint Formula.  Our Veterinarian highly recommended it and we would have done anything.  All I can say is - he is a NEW DOG!!  Seriously!!  We have 6 rescue dogs in our home - all(except Victor) 5 years old and under.  NuviFlex has brought Victor back to life!!  He runs and chases with the other dogs.  He now thinks he has a new job (Shepherds love to have jobs) which is to keep the youngsters in check.  And a great job he does of that.  Friends who see Victor now that saw him before ask when we go the new Shepherd.  We say last year!  I don't want this to sound hokey, because it is the honest truth!  He just came up to me with a ball in his mouth wanting to go play chase!!  It's amazing!!!! NuviFlex works!!!
Angela, Key West, FL
Texas is a retired cat from the movie business and has been with us for 22 years, we think.  He is a very old cat. About a year ago I noticed he could not jump up anymore to where I kept his food to prevent the dogs from eating it.  I also discovered that he was having difficulty eating dry kibble as he has his entire life.  I switched him to canned food. He also couldn't make it over the wooden fence to visit the neighbors. My neighbors cut a hole in the fence to give Texas access to their yard.  He is a cream colored cat so dirt shows up pretty well.  He stopped grooming himself. About 5 months ago I started sprinkling NuviFlex on his food as recommended.  The first change I noticed at about the 2 month mark was his attitude.  He started playing again.  I even found him chasing lizards, something he hadn't done in years.  We have a lot of lizards in Key West.  My old man was acting like a kitten.  At the 4 month mark, I was able to put his food dish back up on the table at counter height.  He was obviously uncomfortable prior to the use of NuviFlex which I didn't really notice until he started feeling really good again.  He now scales the 6' fence to visit the neighbors and he is grooming himself! My boy will be staying on NuviFlex for the rest of his life.  I will be sticking with the capsule a day every day.  He licks the powder right off his food even though he is a finicky eater.  Today, I don't  worry about that last trip to the vet.  He feels great.  Who knows, maybe he'll become the world's oldest cat!  
Thank you NuviFlex.
Susan, Key West, FL
LuLu, Precious and Molly
Lulu my 7 month old French Bulldog was diagnosed with hip diplaysia in December 09. LuLu started to lick her hip after running around with "Precious" her sister who has the same problem but not as bad. I also have a 13-14 yr old Sheltie/Border Collie mix who has some arthritis and lots of creeking when she gets up.  After about a week on NuviFlex  I noticed that she was not licking her hip after running around with her sister!  Plus I don't know if it helps to tighten but her hips do not feel loose now!  Molly my Sheltie mix does not creek anymore and has more pep in her step running with the puppeis!  I've done my research online and have found that NuviFlex has the best ingredients and it works great!  I highly recommend it for the young and the seniors in your family! Thanks so much!
Patti, Pompano Beach, FL
Love this product...My Rottweiler has Lupus...really bad joints and tons of pain.  He was almost not moving due to it!...My Vet told me that he didn't have much longer to live...I was heartbroken. So I try this product NuviFlex and within 3 days he was running and playing like nothing ever happened...Thank you for giving Max a better quality of LIFE!
Tica, Homestead, FL
Penny Feels Good!
Our one-year old yellow Lab, Penny, had her entire left knee rebuilt.  This included plastic parts, metal plates and screws.  After a year and a half her knee stayed in place but after a good play or some running she was VERY sore and stiff.  She hurt so bad we had to periodically give her pain medication.  Last spring, when Penny was 2 1/2, we put her on NuviFlex.  Within a couple of weeks we could see a marked reduction in stiffness and pain.  She has now been on the product for seven months and she no longer needs pain medication.  NuviFlex is working.
M. Nicholas, Rockport, TX
I have a 12 year old minature dashund named Missy who has had several episodes of back pain in her life and this last year it happened for no apparent reason but can be seen in her stiff arched back. I was already giving my German Shepherd NuviFlex because his activity level is so high and decided to give the Cat NuviFlex Hip and Joint Formula capsules to my 8lb. Missy several weeks ago. She is pain free now! I'm not sure how it works but I am thankful it does work.
Karen(Muliple Dog Owner), Fulton, TX
LUCY(8 year old Collie)
We've had Collies for 40 years and we rescued a precious little girl several years ago...she was about to euthanized and we thought we could help save her. She had been terribly abused, tied to a tree from the time she was 4 weeks old until we found her at 2 years of age.  Due to under developed muscles she was unable to run, jump or climb stairs. We tried medications, acupuncture and water therapy. The massage therapy, special exercises, acupuncture and water therapy did help-but only for short periods of time - and it was quite expensive. We found NuviFlex on the website and decided to give this product a try. Our Collie has been on NuviFlex for 3 months (2x a day). She is now running, jumping and digging holes in the sand at the beach. This is a "FIRST" for her. NuviFlex has been the miracle product for her. She's not experienced any side-effects and she is happier than she has ever been in her life. It's wonderful to see her smile and run at ease. She can even jump int othe back of our SUV- something she has never done before. She loves the beach and to see her run with her fur flying in the wind is truly a miracle. Thank you, Sinead Imbaro and Olympus Brands for this wonderful product, NuviFlex.
Lynne, San Jose CA
I am so happy that my veterinarian recommended that I try Nuviflex for my 9yr old yellow lab Santo. Santo has had severe arthritis in his front legs as well as hip dysplasia and since no other supplements or drugs were working, my wife and I were considering putting him down. He was so uncomfortable that it was heartbreaking to watch. He could not get up by himself anymore and could not get up the front steps to get in our house. So as a last resort we tried NuviFlex and in about 10 days he was starting to get up by himself! He had a lot more life in his eyes and in his step! Within 15 days, he was a completely different dog! Getting up, going up the stairs, climbing on the couch, and even running around outside a little. AMAZING!!!  Thank you so much for making such a great product and for giving Santo his life back!
John, Orlando FL
 WOW!! This product is incredible. Within 3 weeks of being on it, Haley,
my 10 yr old Maine Coon Cat is following me around the house again! The
past 2 years have been really hard due to her hip dysplasia and she has
had a hard time moving around but now she is as she was back in her
youthful days!
Thanks Nuviflex, I will recommend it to all my friends!!
Michelle, Lexington, KY
Patient: CASSIO

Geriatric Labrador Retriever who is about 11 years old started showing signs of lameness about 3 years ago. His x-rays showed arthritis changes in his spine and hips. He had started on OTC joint supplements and added additional prescription anti-inflammatories as symptoms progressed(after complete medical work up). Medicines have been given daily and results were as seen on Pre-NuviFlex Video. Cassio has done better with the product NuviFlex than with any other product he has taken as shown on Post NuviFlex video. This is also after he has only been on NuviFlex for 2 weeks! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen him with my own eyes! I highly recommend NuviFlex for your dog and cat.

Dr. Lisa Bramson DVM, Key West, FL

  I have my best friend back! I was very skeptical when my friend told me  to try Nuviflex. I had already tried every supplement on the market  with very little results at best. My 11yr old Dalmatian was to the end of  his rope, and I couldn't seem to be able to do anything about it. After a  few days, I noticed that he wasn't in pain as he was before. Within 2 weeks, he was a different dog!! He was back to being himself, running around and full of life! This product works! I can't rave about this product enough!
Sophie, San Diego CA


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