About Us

About Olympus Brands
Olympus Brands Inc. was created to fill a need in the market for better nutritional supplements for promoting joint health in animals. Our mission is to provide pets with a joint supplement superior to those currently available on the market.

It began in Key West, Florida with Sinead Imbaro. Imbaro found that the market lacked an effective, comprehensive dietary supplement for the joint health of pets.

Imbaro formulated a plan to meet the growing demand for joint health products for dogs and cats. She created the company Olympus Brands and the products NuviFlex Dog Hip and Joint Formula, and NuviFlex Cat Hip and Joint Formula.

Olympus Brands now operates as a wholesale and online retail company serving the local market for pet supplements. Located in Miami, Florida this company serves the demand in the pet industry for joint supplements.

Our Staff Veterinarian
Dr. Lisa Bramson is the Owner and Veterinarian of The All Animal Clinic In Key West, Florida. She provides Olympus Brands a ready source of expertise relative to the pet health industry. Her specialties include veterinary dermatology, ophthalmology and oncology. Her primary role at Olympus Brands is to help us develop superior products for improving and sustaining pet health. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Animal and Dairy Sciences from Auburn University in 1986. Dr. Bramson earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida in 1991. She has been a veterinarian at the All Animal Clinic since 1992.

Our Staff Scientist

David OBA Adebimpe is a scientist, philosopher, inventor (Scent Logix™- aimed at biological and analytical detection of explosives, narcotic and other hazardous materials) and visionary with over 16 years of professional academic and private sector experience in a diversity of areas such as enzymology and protein chemistry, applied spectroscopy, non-linear optics, human sociology, mechanistic and applied organic syntheses, olfactory science, organic device science and nanotechnology. 

David holds an interdisciplinary PH.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, an M.Phil. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and a B.Sc with Honors in Biochemistry with Psychology.

About the Founder

Sinead Imbaro started Olympus Brands after working in the equine industry for 5 years, and in the fitness industry as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Military Fitness Specialist for 14 years. 

Her fitness experience includes extensive research in strength training and core training. She is a Golf Conditioning specialist with expertise in muscle and joint functional training, sports nutrition, care and prevention of athletic injuries, and agility training. 

Imbaro has also been involved in dog training and the pet world since she was a kid. She has always had dogs, specifically German Shepherds, and a love for all animals throughout her life. In recent years Sinead has observed serious joint pain in her own pets, and knows the heartbreaking, helpless feeling of not knowing how to ease their suffering.

She has tried several available supplements to help ease the pain for each of her dogs, but always expected that these products would do more to help. Imbaro is dedicated to developing high quality products for animals capable of relieving the discomfort of joint pain, enhancing quality of life for pets. 


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